Monday, 13 February 2017

10 Celebrity Bad Girls

American Hollywood Star, Mae West, was a sex symbol for seventy years and became famous for her double entendres.   Her own play, Sex, earnt her and her cast 10 days in jail for "corrupting the morals of the youth".

Joan Crawford was one of Hollywood's biggest stars but was described by her adopted daughter as an "abusive, alcoholic mother" which became a film "Mommie Dearest".   She was also involved in one of Hollywood's worst feuds with Bette Davis.

Lana Turner was married six times including the band leader, Artie Shaw, who she married the night she met him as well as dating mobster Johnny Stompanato.  Her daughter, Cheryl Crane, stabbed Lana's abusive lover killing him.

Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times to 7 men, Richard Burton being twice.  

Singer-songwriter, Billie Holiday, who found success in the 1930s and 1940s was beset with legal problems and drug abuse.  In 1947 she was arrested for a drugs violation and at her request spent over a year in prison. 

Diana Ross has a reputation of being difficult.  She spent 2 days in jail for drink driving.

Madonna has often caused controversy with hits such as "Like a Virgin", raunchy videos, a book on sex and a live kiss with Britney Spears during a MTV VMas.

Top model, Naomi Campbell is notorious for her hot temper and has been accused 10 times of committing violet acts towards her employees as well as a police officer.  In 1999, she entered rehab for a 5 year cocaine addiction.

Ultimate party girl, Kate Moss, dated Babyshambles bad boy Pete Doherty where she drew media attention for her drug taking and party lifestyle which caused her to be dropped by some fashion houses in 2005.   However, Kate was cleared of charges and resumed modelling and in 2012 was the second top earning model with estimated earnings of $9 million in one year.

Angelina Jolie who is currently going through a rather acrimonious divorce from Brad Pitt has been known to wear a vial of ex-husband Bill Bob Thornton's blood and kissing her brother on the red carpet.

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