Thursday, 11 August 2016

Vintage Glamour

Nichelle Gainer's beautiful book,"Vintage Black Glamour", celebrates those black women that have epitomised true glamour not only providing stunning photos of these ladies but including stories about them as well.   I decided to do my Top 10 of vintage ladies:

Billie Holiday (7th April 1915 - 17th July 1959)

Josephine Baker (3rd June 1906 - 12th April 1975)

Coretta Scott King (27th April 1927 - 30th Jan 2006)

Eartha Kitt (17th Jan 1927 - 25th Dec 2008)

Naomi Sims (30th March 1948 - 1st August 2009)

Shirley Bassey

Diana Ross

Pam Grier

Queen of Disco Donna Summer (31st Dec 1948 - 17th May 2012)

Grace Jones

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